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Apr. 29th, 2009

BC STV = Hells Yeah!!

Party lines aside, What do you think of the Single Transferable Vote referendum? I think that this is possibly a bigger issue than almost any other one in the upcoming election.


Have a look at the BC STV website, get informed. This is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than what party you support, this boils down to REALLY MAKING YOUR VOTE MATTER.

Vote Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, whatever. Just make sure you vote.


Please, make an informed decision about the future of our democratic process in BC.

Mar. 20th, 2009

Writer's Block: What Next?

What do you think happens to us when we die?
We get taxed, one last time... And then you rot.

Jul. 21st, 2008

Powder turns

Stonecrop Face, Rex's Pillar, July 19-20

 Saturday, a day of errands & odd jobs around the house, of sleeping off the hangover from the previous nights endeavours, and spending time with your girlfriend. At least for part of the day.

 At least for Scott & I the rest of the day is spent driving up the Duffey to Joffre Lakes trailhead & walking up to the campsites, or in Ryan's case arriving a little bit later & bivying at the truck to make a dawn dash up to the top lake.

 The walk in was nice, a good temperature for walking as it was pushing 9pm when we left the car. Made it up to the campsite with the fading of the twilight, and found that all of the campsites were occupied.  Which was hardly surprising as there had been about 25 cars in the parking lot.

 We stumbled about for a bit looking for a good enough spot to bed down, and finally settled for the last avaliable spot of level ground; beside the bear box. Ah well, at least there was no way Ryan would walk past us in the morning!

 Ryan appeared at our campsite, as promised, at 7am. The sun was already streaming over the skyline, and it promised that today was going to be another scorcher. We packed up our bivi bags and made a quick start to the day.

 After a 20 minute walk up the moraine we swapped out of our approach shoes, stashed our sleeping gear, and put on the heavy boots, happy to have them out of our bags.

 Our route of ascent took us up the broad gully that runs up roughly the lower centre of the face, then about a third of the way up the face we tracked out a bit further to the climbers right and climbed these open snowslopes to the final steepening below the summit. Ryan & I hung out in the sun to watch Scott kick steps up to the summit.

 And before to long, he was coming back down towards us, and the best part of the day was before us.

The Skiing. (oh, didn't I mention that this was a ski trip?)

The Face was in amazing condition, especially for late July! Scott said the top of the slope coming from the summit was a bit icy, but that was to be expected as it is steep enough to not get much sun on it through the morning.

 The sun was catching his rooster tails though, and it gave the appearance that he was being tracked by a spotlight. Its great seeing Scott come to a stop with a huge grin on his face after skiing a pitch like that.

 Ryan & I packed up our stuff, strapped on our ski's and were keen to get in on the action. It was absolutley amazing to be skiing this gigantic face with a horizon line approaching you and a bright blue lake stretched out below. The turns were coming quick & smooth, but eventually I took a tumble & easily came to a stop(ish) and righted myself.

 We all had fantastic runs down the face, for Scott it was a second trip down on skis, and both Ryan & I were able to claim it was our first time skiing it.

 Eventually we'd skied the last of what would be safe for us, so it was off with the skis, and on with the crampons. From fast & to very very slow.

 It was an amazing trip, good friends, good weather, and some awesome turns.


Feb. 15th, 2008

Farch, the start of climbing!!

Farch (the amalgam of the 2 shitty months of the year, feb & mar). Usually its wet, cold & shitty. However it was a real nice & sunny day last wednesday, so Ratty & I got together after work.

Our goal?

Climbing (on teh real rock)

We climbed 1 route in the dark, and then went to the pub & got trashed. A fine start to the season!!

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Jan. 12th, 2008

I Love Explosm


Dec. 26th, 2007

Merry Ski Day!!

A ZERO driving day! Take that carbon footprint!!

 Tracey & I got up early, ripped apart our pressies, and then suited up and walked out of our door. Put our skis on 100m from home, and started skiing. Went up the FSR towards the backside of Habrich, skied up & up & up.
Hit some amazing snow (pity we werent on a nice big slope!!), and skied along the hydro cut for a while. Had a nice picnic under the shelter of an evergreen and watched the snow continue falling. By the time we packed up our lunch, our tracks in were almost covered.

 Jumped up onto another logging road to start the homeward journey (along the far side of the valley). Tracey had her first experience of skiing over creekbed gaps in the snow (think: Trench). The first one was a bit nerve wracking, but after that she cruised them.

  Continued along until we hit a major washout, it was a bit steep for T to ski down, so she side stepped as I broke a trail down and figured out a crossing of the creek. Unfortunatley she doubled over with a back spasm as I was on the other side of the ravine. Half an hour of deep breathing & stress and she was able to stand up again. We decided to cut back and ski out along the road that we skied in on. Thanks to Scotty for the cavalry stand by, I owe you one matey.

 We made it back to the original road as it was getting dark, but the clouds that had been dumping snow all day had started to clear, and the moon gave a nice soft lighting to ski out by.

 We made it home at 7:00pm, after leaving home at 9:30am. This was Traceys biggest day so far (@ 9 1/2 hrs!!), her first time skiing in the dark  (actually, it was her first time in the winter backcountry after dark too), and her first mini-epic. Uhh, Happy Yuletide Tracey......

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Nov. 9th, 2007

Skiings better than War.

 Skiings better than War, its becoming an annual trip. Every long weekend in November we get a group together to go out and celebrate life, rather than death. We celebrate by being out in the fresh air, working hard, skiing through trees, experiencing the elements, and then we get a serious party on when we are back in the hut at night. Its a good time.

This year they are calling for 75cm of new snow to fall on us while we are out. It should make for fun conditions.

Nov. 3rd, 2007

It feels.

 I've been generally pleased with things over the last while. Its nice to be able to say that.

 I love my job, it challenges me & makes me think. I also get to work on some really neat shit, and with some fun guys. And it pays well.

 Squamish is awesome. Besides from all of the uber-fun stuff there is to do, I feel totally relaxed up here. No crowds rushing about, no hourlong bus rides to go to the shops, no sirens wailing, and fresh air. Its really done some magic on my stress levels, outlook, and general chipperness.

 And then of course there is the uber-fun stuff. I've been out mountain biking lots, hiking, running (on trails!! no more dodging cars!), kayaking, sking. I can get home from work, and be out doing something fun in about 20 minutes!! Brilliant!!

So yeah, I'm happy.

It feels good.

Oct. 22nd, 2007

Dec 7 @ the plaza club........


Shit yeah. 

Anybody else in?

Oct. 21st, 2007

First day on the Planks.

 Well well well, Telemark eh????

Yesterday, Rat, Ska-T,  A-ron, Amanda, and Myself headed up Brohm Ridge to get a few early season turns in. We skied up for about 4 1/2 hours to the top of the lookout (@1860m elevation). The snow was, well, like concrete really. Very heavy and wet. But there was about 120cm of it, and that was plenty enough to ski.

 I am soooo happy to have been out on the skis, and  full month earlier than last year too.

Nov long weekend I think I see another big trip out.....
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